Light duty shelving units are perfect for hand-stacked storage applications. They are used in a wide variety of locations, including garages and stock rooms.

This style of shelving is also called “Boltless Rivet Shelving” or “Bulk Rack.” In a similar way to pallet rack, the riveted beams slide into the slots in the posts. This convenient boltless design is easy to assemble and highly configurable.

Storage Shelves Sizes & Options

Many off-the-shelf (pun!) units that you buy only come in a certain size. However, one of the great advantages to a boltless rivet shelving system is that the modular design lets you build a system that perfectly fits your space and your needs.

These storage shelves are made of three main components:

  1. Posts: The upright piece (sometimes called an L-Post or Angle Post) comes in heights of 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12ft tall.
  2. Cross bars: These beams (often called “double rivet beams”) connect to the posts and provide the support for the shelf. Cross bars come in the following sizes: 12”, 15”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”, 60”, 72”, 84”, 96”
  3. Shelf: The main shelf can be either particle board or wire mesh decking. Particle board is generally less expensive than wire mesh decking. However, Wire Mesh Decking provides greater capacity, and also holds up well to moisture.

The many sizes of Posts and Cross bars means that you can easily design exactly the metal shelving unit that you need. You can customize the height, depth, length, number of shelves, and shelf material. The modular and configurable design is what makes our shelving units far superior.


The capacity of each shelf varies based on size. Typically these capacities are between 600 lbs and 1750 lbs per shelf. For larger shelves, or where additional capacity is required, Tie Supports connect to the beams to increase the strength and capacity of the shelf. Here are some sample capacities of our most popular sizes:


Shelf Size Extras Shelf Capacity (lbs)
36” x 18” 1750
48” X 24” (most popular) 1250
48” X 24” w/ Tie Supports 1750
60” x 24” 750
96” x 24” w/ Tie Supports 600
96” x 48” w/ Tie Supports 600



Our metal shelving units have optional wheels that can be added to make the unit mobile. This ads tremendous usability to the shelving. Many people use these mobile shelving units as highly configurable carts.

The wheels consist of a mounting bracket and a 3” caster wheel. The wheels have a capacity of 800 lbs per shelving unit.

Braking wheels include a foot-activated brake pedal to lock the wheel.


Most cities / counties technically require permits for any shelving unit over 5’ 9” tall. We most commonly see fire marshalls enforcing permits for pallet racking, and less often for light-duty shelving. However, enforcement of shelving and rack permits seems to have been increasing over the past several years. Obtaining the permit when you install your storage system will save you a lot of headache down the road.

Assembly of Storage Shelves

Assembling storage shelves is simple. The only tool required is a rubber mallet, though a second person helps the process get started.

  1. Stand posts upright
  2. Connect the beams to form the bottom shelf
  3. Connect the beams to form the top shelf
  4. Add beams at the desired heights for the other shelves
  5. Tap all beam connection points with the rubber mallet to secure them
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