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Explore our used pallet rack row spacers for sale to get the best deals for your material handling needs. Each item is carefully inspected to ensure quality and safety. Here are some of the benefits of shopping used pallet rack and parts with Speedrack West:

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Browse Available Used Pallet Rack Row Spacers:

Photos SKU Description Length Color Price
IRS-10-GRNC USED 10" ROW SPACER 10 green Login to Order
IRS-14-GALV USED 14" ROW SPACER - GALVANIZED 14 galvanized Login to Order
IRS-24-GRNC USED ROW SPACER 24" 24 green Login to Order
IRS-36-GRNC USED ROW SPACER 36" 36 green Login to Order
IRS-47-ORNC USED ROW SPACER 47" 47 orange Login to Order
IRS-49.5-GALVC USED ROW SPACER 48" 48 galvanized Login to Order

Used Pallet Rack Row Spacers Description

  • Evenly space pallet rack with Row Spacers
    • Bolt to punched sides of pallet rack frames
    • Hardware included
    • 8″, 12″, 24″, 30″, 36″ lengths generally available

Why do you need Pallet Rack Row Spacers?

  • Keep pallet rack rows aligned and even
  • Maintain longitudinal flue spaces required by code
  • Effectively double upright depth

Tip: Be sure to account for pallet overhang. If your city code requires a 6″ flue space, but your pallets overhang the beams by a few inches, you’ll need a row spacer longer than 6″. The most common row spacer is 12″, which allows for 3″ of overhang on each pallet and still maintains a 6″ flue space.

How many Row Spacers do I need?

If you’re permitting or getting seismic calculations on your project, then the number of row spacers will likely be specified. In absence of specific guidance for your situation, we generally recommend 2 row spacers for each frame up to 12′ high. For rack frames above 12′, you’ll want to use at least 3 row spacers.

How to Install Row Spacers

Racking Row Spacers bolt to the side of the rack upright. Place the bottom row spacer just above the bottom horizontal strut. The top row spacer should be installed just below the top horizontal strut.

Other safety products to consider for your pallet racks:

If you want your aisle way clear then you may want to consider getting one of the following products. You can get a sliding safety net, a regular safety net, a safety strap, or rack back panels.

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