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Tire Storage Rack, Plastic Storage bins, and more for your Tire Store/Full-Service Automotive Repair Store:

One of the things that can be very confusing for a tire store is what kind of racks they need to hold their products. Another thing that some businesses that supply tire rack stores do not understand is that tires are probably not your only income earner. In fact, you probably spend a lot of time losing money or breaking even just getting a tire customer into the door. In either case, you probably are not making very much money from a tire customer at all. It is the ancillary products and services you can sell them where you actually make money. Therefore, you may be called a tire shop but in reality, you are a full-service automotive repair shop in practice. You need a wider variety of racks than what most people would think you need. However, it does not mean that you cannot use a pallet rack. It just means that you may need to get a few more items in order to use your tire storage rack the proper way. Especially, if you intend to use them for other things rather than tires.

Wire Mesh Decks and Plastic Storage Bins:

For example, if you make use of wire mesh decks, then you should have plastic storage bins to hold your miscellaneous parts such as bolts. These would be the shelves or racks where you would hold your auto parts. Your tire storage rack or racks are going to need a certain depth and size. The good news is that we have supplied racks like those to other companies just like you. Of course, those racks may have to be different sizes. You have many different sizes of tires that you will have to stock. Subsequently, you may want to market to a certain community such as the off-road community. A community such as that has specialty tires that they need you to carry. Again, tires are most likely your loss leader.  Therefore, having a wide variety of tires and getting more of the people you want into the business is important. It means that the stock choice of tires is going to be paramount in garnering business. Moreover, it is even more important in a highly competitive field. You need to have the tires they want in stock. If you do not then they will keep calling around until they find someone that does have them. If you are going to sell a customer on any other services then you have to have the tires they want.

Safety Products:

If your tire store is large enough then it is very likely that you have a forklift. You will need to protect your employees from possible collisions between the forklifts and pallet racks. A good way to do this is to have RAMguards and or column guards available to make sure that any contacts between your forklift and the pallet racks are absorbed by the RAMguards or column guards you have installed on your racks. You also have cars driving in and out every day. You may have a collision between a vehicle and your racks. If you want to minimize the damage done to your product and the customer’s vehicle, or your own company vehicle, then you will want to have these protections in place. The protective gear will maek sure that the possible damage is minimized. It is the choice between having a collision and some damage on a vehicle. The other choice is to have a rack full of tires fall on top of that vehicle. It will take the damage sustained from the contact with the tire storage pallet rack. Most businesses are going to choose to have the lesser of the two damages. We bet that you would too. It is best that you have some type of protection for your pallet rack so that they stay in good working order without damage.

Safety Clips and Pins:

You may also want to have safety clips or safety pins for your pallet racks. It is highly likely that you received safety clips with your pallet rack. They are a good product and they will work. However, you should be aware that a safety clip can wear down over time and cause a pallet rack level to be unstable. The problem with this is that the safety clip may look like it is in good working order. However, it is not actually doing its job anymore. Again, you could have a rack full of tires or parts that come down on you or your employees. If your customers’ cars are anywhere close to the rack then they may be subject to contact as well. A good way to avoid all of this is to get safety pins as a backup of your safety clips. If you have both of these protection items on your rack then you are giving yourself a very good chance of never experiencing a rack that will fall down. You avoid the problem a worn down safety pin presents when it is no longer doing its job.

Modular Offices:

If you are a larger tire repair shop or a dealership then you may want to have a modular office inside of your warehouse where you do business. It will allow you to see what is going on in the business at all times. If you are worried about car parts escaping or other things like tires escaping from your business through theft then it might be a good idea to get a modular office. It will deter a possible theft because everyone will know that someone is watching. If you just need an office for yourself or other people in your business then you can also get one of these to fulfill that role. A modular office is a highly versatile asset. The modular office uses cover any use a regular room does in your business. You can move the office as you please. The office has no attached to the building. All it takes is a forklift or, in some cases, a pallet jack. A modular office also does not need as much process to get a permit in most locations. Adding an office to the building will take more permits and time than a modular office.

Mezzanine Work Platforms:

If your business is big enough to warrant it then you may want to consider adding a second level to your warehouse or your building. However, you do not need to add to the building physically. What you can do is get a mezzanine work platform in order to have that second level of storage. A mezzanine work platform is not attached to the building and is subject to fewer permit issues as outlined in the previous modular office paragraph. The mezzanine work platform is mobile and, possibly, can be moved by a forklift if it is small enough. The truth is that mezzanine work platforms are very customized. The customization is based on the original space. The design and the fit the warehouse specifically. It is this custom work that precludes it from being seen on the market is used very often. Most mezzanine work platforms will only work in the warehouse where they were originally placed. Therefore, you may not be moving this around as much as a modular office. It is because it is designed to fit a certain space exclusively. A mezzanine work platform does have have an attachment to the building. However, it is highly customized for that building in most cases. The permit process is much more simple, however. Attachments added to an existing building are subject to many permits and processes. You may skip some of those problems by selecting a solution that avoids that attachment altogether.

Warehouse Design:

If you own a tire repair shop or a repair shop in general then you know that you get a lot of parts weekly. Also, you may be wanting to add things like it in an alignment machine. A machine like an alignment machine is going to take a lot of room. If you have your warehouse full of other products or tires then you may have a hard time trying to fit this into your business. You also have to think about how the traffic will flow between pedestrians who are workers and the cars trying to access the alignment machine. All in all, it is good to think about how you will grow your business before you open your warehouse. If you have your warehouse now then planning it out for the future and making sure that is ready for that future is a good thing. You can do all this by getting a CAD warehouse design for your business. We have worked with other tire shops and we can help you figure out how you should set up your business. We know little tips and tricks that only come with experience and that experience can help you streamline your business so that you run efficiently. You will have room for all of the products and services you have in mind for the future as well.

Pallet Rack Permits:

Finally, the last thing you want to think about is pallet rack permits. You have a lot of things to think about including hazardous waste fees and how to cost your repair services so that you have enough money to pay your technicians to do the job. Why add on to the headaches by worrying about how to get permit by yourself. If you need help with preparing your tire storage rack permits then we can help you. We have helped other tire repair shops do the same thing you are trying to do and we speak to these permit offices every day. We have relationships with them and they know us which means that we can help you get through the process as painless as possible.

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