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Pallet racks and other essential vehicle parts storage solutions for your vehicle related business:

Pallet racks are versatile industrial level vehicle parts storage solutions you need for your business. You will find these racks used as tire racks and as storage systems where small to medium-sized auto parts will go. In fact, if you are an automotive part supplier for consumers or providing parts for your own shop, then you might want these plastic bins to hold your products. You will also need wire mesh decking to place the bins on the pallet rack. These wire mesh decks can hold up to 2500 lbs of uniformly distributed weight. You may also want cantilever rack to hold tires or anything long and heavy. They could be used to hold bumpers, any kind of long tubes or pipes, or anything else that may come up that is long.

Safety Products:

If you have any type of vehicle-related store then you probably have a forklift. Forklifts are great except that they can be dangerous. You can protect your product, your employees, and yourself by getting certain safety items. If you have pallet racks then you have safety clips that should be checked and replaced periodically. You can have a look at the safety clips we carry by clicking the link. If you want more protection and to shore up your safety then you can also get safety pins. They are more sturdy and last longer than clips. Both of them together work, in concert, to make sure that a rack-level full of products does not fall on you or your employees. You will also want column guards or RAMguards to protect your pallet racks from sustaining damage from forklift operation errors. Click the links to learn more about those products.

Modular Offices:

Need an office in your dealership? Rather sit your manager inside the shop or warehouse where they can watch the parts more carefully? Need a shipping office? A modular office in your warehouse might be what you need. They are versatile and can be moved anywhere you want in your building. They also do not have to be attached to the building which is great for the permit process in most locations.

Mezzanine Work Platforms:

Have you thought about adding a second level to your warehouse? Want to do it without adding structures to the building that could cost your business a lot of money and time? A mezzanine work platform might be what you need. A mezzanine platform can help you store more products above where you work. Obviously, this might make more sense for a dealerships parts department to do but you may be an eCommerce parts company with a warehouse. If so then adding another level of scalability might be what you need for profitability’s sake. If your tire company or repair company is big enough then you may want to consider it, with respect to your current equipment, as well.

Warehouse Design:

A dealership’s parts department warehouse can fill up quickly. So can a repair shop, standalone parts store, or an eCommerce parts store. A good way to deal with this, before it gets out of hand, is to have a CAD warehouse design done. If you have one done then you can recreate or reconfigure the workflow in your business instead of pushing items into areas where they might marginally fit. It also can make it safer to operate things like forklifts because you may develop set pathways for which it should travel. The pathways may be different ones than your employees walk. You can get all this by getting an overhead view of your warehouse via a CAD warehouse layout.

Pallet Rack Permits:

If you have racks then you will have permits you will have to get for your vehicle parts storage solutions. The rack permit process can be a problem if you have not had to deal with the permit offices before. Why not work with a company that deals with these organizations all the time instead of taking it on yourself. We talk with these organizations every day and can help you in your situation. We can make the process less painful by helping you through it.

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